Channel Letters

Channel Letters are individual letter-shaped units that can be mounted onto a building or raceway.

Channel letters provide a signature look for businesses by allowing a word, phrase, or business name to become instantly recognizable.  With the ability to be produced in a wide variety of fonts, styles, and sizes, this type of sign is not limited to basic designs.  Channel letters can be electrically illuminated with front lit or halo-lit letters, or they can be non-illuminated letters.  The illuminated electrical channel letters are available in a wide variety of brilliantly colored neon or a more energy efficient low voltage LED.

chan-letter-icon-face (1)The most common letter type, as the name implies, this type of sign only illuminates from the front face of the letter. Internally illuminated with led, the face is created of colored plexiglas. The return (side) is 5" deep to allow light diffusion behind the face.
chan-letter-icon-openThis type of letter is illuminated with exposed neon. The face is usually open, however a clear acrylic face can optionally be installed. The return (side) is  3" deep to allow neon to show full illumination.
chan-letter-icon-reverseThese letters offer an elegant style, with the illumination highlighting a "halo" around the letters. The faces and returns are fabricated of aluminum leaving the face and sides opaque with illumination inside pointed to the wall. These are installed spaced off of the building in various depths so the wall behind the letter is illuminated.
chan-letter-icon-duo (1)This type of sign can create a vibrant effect with both the face and back of the letter being illuminated. The face and back can be lit with the same color or optionaly contrasting colors.