Awning Benefits

Let the professional at Meyer Sign Company show you the benefits of our commercial awning solutions

Energy Savings

awnings-save-moneyAwnings offer an effective way to increase energy savings by reducing the load on air conditioners by up to 20%. Glass doors and window are responsible for more energy loss than any other element in a building. By designing an awning with energy efficiency in mind, we can help you select a style that help control how much the sun penetrates the glass.

Green buildings, especially those seeking platinum,gold or silver status,have begun to seek awning as a way of obtaining LEED energy and atmosphere credits. By properly placing awnings in the right position, awnings can deduce the solar gain, and help optimize the energy efficiency of the overall building.

Branding Alternatives

awnings-brandingIconic looks can create as much branding identify as any well know business name. With more regulations limiting sign size and illumination options,awnings become a valuable ally in creating a recognizable brand. Including recognizable colors and fabrics or graphics which are easily identifiable alone with your signage help create a signature look your customers can identify you with.

With numerous material options, over 150 color choices along with stripes, patterns, graphic options, and illumination effects, the look your building can project is endless.

Graphic and Product exposure

awnings-graphicApplying custom graphics to you awnings can increase both name and product exposure.. By listing products or services consumers know what to expect from your business. This additional medium for signage had terrific cost savings by combining protection from the elements, curb appeal, and both name,logo, or services signage.

Flexibility and Customization of Space

awnings-are-flexibleWith the cost of a fabric awning roughly a quarter of the cost of a permeant structure, awnings become an affordable way to turn porches breezeways patios and lawns into usable space protected from the elements This customizable approach is not only more cost effective than traditional structures but a much faster way to get using your new space.Whether seasonal or year round, additional seating or venues means more opportunity to bring dollars in the door, which can quickly pay itself.