Eco Friendly

leed (3)Meyer Sign Co. is proudly committed to incorporating environmentally friendly materials and practices into our signage development. We realize the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is working to improve the quality of life by ensuring that buildings are designed and operated in an environmentally responsible and healthy manner. Many of our customers are striving to attain LEED Gold and Silver certifications for their projects and we hope to be a resource and partner in helping them realize their goals. Our desire is to manufacture all of our products in house so we are able to contribute to their local project points.

Some of the products and practices we incorporate are:

Energy Efficiency

ul-energy-verified (3)Meyer Sign Co. is the first UL green leaf certified energy efficient company in the Northwest. We are compliant and can label products with the new stringent energy efficiency standard of California Title 24. This offers our clients an assured third party verification by UL that all green leaf labeled signs meet efficiency standards by either allowed power or specific lighting sources.

Recyclable Products-We offer a Phenolic Series photopolymer substrate for ADA and code signs which is manufactured out of 59% Moso Bamboo, 28% post consumer recycled Kraft paper and corrugated boxes and 13% epoxy resin. This substrate contains up to 12% pre-consumer regrind. The Photopolymer layer is 100% bio-degradable. This product contributes to both MR Credit 6 and EQ credit 4

In addition we also offer photopolymer signage featuring a clear PETG sign base that is both resilient and shatterproof with integral tactile characters and Grade II Braille. The manufacturing process creates an integral bond between the two surfaces in turn protecting against vandalism and UV degradation.

Low VOC Acrylic based Paint

Low-VOC (3)This Eco-Friendly paint is applied through a specialized high volume low pressure(HVLP) paint sprayer. It provides superior color coating with minimal overspray, reducing waste or (VOC) volatile organic components. When ever possible we also offer a sold digital print coating which eliminates VOC emissions entirely.

Digital Wall-covering Media

recycle-wallpaper (2)We offer digital wall-covering media which requires low energy to produce and is easily maintained. It is produced with eco solvent ink. This product also comes with a digital Media Reclamation Program. Thru this program our wall coverings can be claimed and recycled. Recycling used digital media can contribute to MR 2.1 and 2.2 construction waste management

Product Reclamation

recycle (2)Martin Bros, Inc. has a reclamation program in place to properly dispose of signage so it doesn’t end up in land fills. Last year alone we have documented receipt for 44,633 lbs of aluminum, 72,960 lbs of steel and 23,340 lbs of plastics we diverted from landfills.