Sign Service & Repair

Meyer Sign Co. of Oregon repairs and maintains all varieties of signage.

Whether you purchased your sign from us or not, we know how to keep your sign looking and burning like new.

We offer fully stocked service trucks with journeyman service specialists to ensure no time is wasted getting your sign burning brightly again. In addition to basic service repairs, we offer a variety of additional services designed to make your sign look its best:

  • Custom Neon Repair – We have our own neon fabrication plant that can repair or replace any type of neon that is not burning like it should be.
  • Custom Painting – With our custom color match system, we are able to easily match colors of existing letters or cabinets and give them that like new look again.
  • Plastics and Letter Fabrication – Whether it’s vandals, accidents, or the elements causing damage to your sign or letter faces, we can replace most plastic faces or letters and provide any replacement vinyl needed to make your sign readable again.
  • Cabinet and Letter Repair – Our manufacturing specialists can duplicate or repair any cabinets or letters that have been damaged by accidents.
  • Cleaning – Every sign exposed to the elements will eventually get that dirty tired look. Let our service specialists take apart and clean your sign to eliminate the grunge, kick out the spiders, and make sure all your bulbs are burning at their brightest.

Keeping signs looking good and burning brightly is why Meyer Sign Company has so many customers trusting us with their signage needs.